It is not always easy to start a new affiliate business, internet marketing.

The best way to succeed online is to set goals and rewards.

Builderall pays a monthly bonus of $500 when you have 100 customers or more... ...and $1000 from 200 customers.

This is a bonus in addition to the classic Builderall commissions.

100 customers is a lot, and we're all starting from zero!

I believe that one of the main reasons why these long-term objectives are so difficult to achieve is that we see no immediate reward.

I decided to help my partners in another way, by setting them my own goals and rewards! I offer my partners a monthly bonus of $5 per customer, whichever the plan, and a bonus of $50 for each step of 5 customers they cross.

Of course it is in addition to the commissions they receive from Builderall:

- Paul has 4 customers: I give him 4*5 = $20

- Shelly has 7 customers: 7*5 + 50 = $85

- Leo has 13 customers: 13*5 + 50 = $115

- Kathy has 24 customers: 24*5 + 50 = $170

- John has 35 customers: 35*5 + 50 = $225

- Jennifer has 64 customers: 64*5 + 50 = $370

- Alan has 96 customers: 96*5 + 50 = $530

I'm the only Builderall sponsor with such an offer!

This is my way of showing that I want my partners to reach the Builderall bonus target of 100 customers, by setting them achievable goals and immediate rewards.

I offer other things to my partners, training, sales funnels, support...

But these monthly rewards and bonuses are real.

If you think you are made for this activity, the Builderall affiliation, then....

Take advantage of it, learn, practice and multiply your commissions... ...and on top of that, rob me every month!

The pleasure is all mine.... :-)​​​​​​​